Our Impact

HIV Prevention And Programming

Community Engagement

At APHA we recognize that communities are central in the development and implementation of effective interventions that are meant for them. A respectful, trusting, empowering environment is therefore a critical component of all sustainable health outcomes. Our work ensures that researchers are fully equipped with the necessary background and information that allows them to be mindful and considerate of communities’ social, economic and cultural contexts in the development process.

We also ensure that the rights and interests of trial participants are protected and that their communities (who are the eventual end users) are represented and partake throughout the process from conceptualization and research to rollout of HIV prevention products. This approach is based on respect and integrity for people and process, and delivers the levels of community engagement required to yield rigorous research results that are trusted by, and useful to communities.

The recent positive results that have emerged out of the HPTN 083 study (May 2020) is a testament to the power of strong, credible connections with communities most affected by HIV and AIDS, and the vital role they play in shaping an effective response to managing the disease.